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Spiritual Coaching

We live in a time where we often don't take the time to properly unpack and understand events that impact us negatively; unexpected news, illness, loss, and other circumstances that left a mark on us.

By being fully present with another during such times, spiritual coaching can provide grounding, and help identify emotions that might block the flow of joy and healing, while facilitating understanding about what the next steps can be. 

Meditation Groups

In our fast paced age of social media, technology and ever decreasing attention spans, sitting with others in meditation and cultivating presence can be a source of calm where stillness can help rejuvenate us.

Being fully present with others, holding space for one another, and leaving the daily hustle for an hour can fulfill our need for connectedness and understanding.

Mindfulness Practices

We often rush through our days, only to find ourselves tired, and anxious, unable to fall or stay asleep. 

Learning minduflness practices can help us get centered throughout our day, help us wind down in the evening, and help us fall back asleep with greater ease. Being your own advocate by taking time out each day to cultivate mindfulness will help you learn to access your own innate peace.

Spiritual Coaching

Meditation Groups

Mindfulness Practices

Meet Silvie


Beyond Physicality is a short film in which I share my journey with cancer.

Having gone through my own storms of life, with deep valleys and high peaks, I feel deeply compelled to assist others in finding grounding and meaning in the sometimes senseless feeling of human existence and discovering how each Life is a Gift...

Getting in Touch

Silvie Peric

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